Our company valuation process goes further than simply applying standard valuation techniques to the numbers. We take great care to examine the business from a range of perspectives to give the shareholders an accurate guide to the likely sale price.

Our unique methodology for company valuations takes a holistic approach to address all the factors that make up value in a company. The model has been tested through a number of economic cycles in different industries and has produced excellent results, giving clients a clear market-related guide to the value range for their business.

Experience tells us that different acquirers assess value in different ways. Our comprehensive company valuation process ensures that all possible views of value are considered, including a thorough examination of the following:

  • Profits – historic trends & future earnings
  • Trends – sales, GP, overheads, net profit, cashflow
  • Customers – gains/losses, percentage of sales, contractual, repeats, profile
  • External Factors – market sector, seasonality, cyclicality, opportunity
  • Management – staying/leaving, market reputation, age, track record, 2nd tier
  • Key events – acquisitions/divestments, good/bad years, changes of key staff, bankers, auditors, skeletons
  • Synergies – real, perceived




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