We guide and advise clients throughout the entire sale process ensuring the sale can progress with minimum stress and maximum benefit.  We provide a bespoke structured service to deliver the best possible deal for our clients, recognising the significant responsibility that we shoulder as most of our clients have the bulk of their wealth tied up in their businesses.

By appointing a professional team to handle the process of selling your business, you can remain focussed on safeguarding the businesses performance at this crucial time. We provide a comprehensive service aiming to help or resource whatever is required during the course of the sale and deliver the best possible deal to our client.

Typically, our role will include: 

  • Viability analysis
  • Planning companies and management teams for the sale
  • Confidentiality carefully managed at all stages
  • Preparation of marketing documents
  • Comprehensive national and (if appropriate) international marketing
  • Controlled disclosure of information
  • Assessment of potential buyers, etc.
  • Advice on selection of professionals, e.g. Corp Lawyers and Tax Advisers
  • Project management of due diligence process
  • Hand hold / advise the sellers in all aspects of the process, i.e.
    • Negotiations
    • Dispute resolution
    • Achieving successful closure
  • Planning the handover and preparing management teams for the future


Pace Equity Limited
Registered in England: 3213924

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