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Our business insights are being assembled from 30+ years of Pace Equity’s business experience and knowledge from around the world, as a value-adding guide to businesses in search of direction on complex business situations.




Once a sales process begins your company will naturally come under immediate and increasingly intense scrutiny. That scrutiny could certainly affect any headline valuation previously placed on your business.  The principle areas to be examined …

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How do you achieve the best results in negotiations? We run through our top tips …

Why Plan your Exit?

Many business owners reach the decision to sell their business due to age, health, economic …

Writing a Good Business Plan

By their very nature, entrepreneurs are usually visionary, optimistic, positive, self-assured and super-confident, but also …

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Globalisation, Greed, Envy and Complacency

Has the World Gained from Globalisation?  The World Economic Forum 2022 (WEF) began in Davos …

Homeworking and Innovation

With many more of us continuing to work from home than pre-pandemic, what will happen to UK innovation and productivity? …

M&A dealmaking 2021

The New York arm of the FT reports record dealmaking in 2021 amounting to an …


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