UK Market Entry

UK entry strategy advisory and assistance to international companies.

In 1981, our CEO Ken Graham was personally involved in a market entry strategy with his fledgling International company seeking to set up its Global Head Office of the now iconic Autoglass empire here in the UK. Autoglass became a UK corporate legend in the 1980s for its success in dominating the UK Windscreen fitting market by 1987 and went on to achieve carefully crafted market entry strategies for the USA, Australia, Canada, most Western European countries, Scandinavia and a wide range of African countries, becoming the world’s largest independent Windscreen/Windshield and all round automotive glass fitter by 1989.  The Autoglass/Carglass/Safelite brands within the Belron Group continue to enjoy world dominance, employing over 25,000 people with total revenues exceeding $3.5bn.

Since its origins in 1989 Pace Equity, alongside its M&A activities has been assisting and advising overseas and international companies on market entry into the UK. From its early beginnings with the Northern Irish Development Board, the Welsh Development Agency and Scottish Enterprise, Pace has advised and assisted many of its valued overseas clients on market entry strategies to the UK, providing a variety of services, including:

1.            Strategic planning for market entry
2.            Board advisory and non-exec director roles
3.            Marketing strategy and market channel strategy
4.            Financial advisory services
5.            Capital fund raising
6.            Competitive strategy in a highly competitive market
7.            Cultural advisory services
8.            Acquisitions and mergers research, advice and implementation

The UK is the world’s 5th largest economy with a population of 65 million people and GDP of £1.8Tn. It is a highly competitive marketplace in almost every industry and market entry to the UK is complex and multifaceted.  The UK is also one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. Any company entering the UK for the first time is advised to seek authoritative and experienced advice which is available from a wide variety of sources including Government, Industry, Banks, Professional Services as well as Industry Associations, Academia, the Confederation of British Industries     and Pace Equity! 

From personal experience we advise that every company looking to enter and set up in the UK should find an experienced professional advisor to act as a guide, mentor and advisor on the UK market. Whatever your business, organisation or activity, without an experienced guide you will take longer, it will cost more and it will almost certainly prove to be frustrating and unproductive.

After 28 years in the M&A business in the UK, Pace Equity has a vast network of small to medium sized businesses totalling over 7,000 companies and covering most industries. We also have close links with over 2,000 professional organisations, including Banks, Lawyers, Accountants, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Professional and Trade organisations, Government departments, Regional and Local Government and Agencies covering every aspect of business to help your business succeed in its UK market entry.

If you would like to discuss Pace Equity’s Market Entry Services please contact:

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