Maximising Business Value

Pace Equity believes the time is now right for shareholders needing to exit over the next few years, to begin the planning process for a successful sale.

Our new Exit Planning programme is specifically designed to plan a carefully timed and structured exit strategy, address the new and complex issues facing exiting shareholders, save time and cost, and most importantly optimise shareholder value in an orderly and meticulously planned future sale.

Developing an Exit Plan – The Program

  1. Undertake a valuation of the business
    • Independent valuation based on historical, current and envisaged future performance
    • Reporting on the current valuation and estimated future value in three years’ time
  2. Determine vendor expectations and timescales
    • Ascertain the expectations of the vendors and the timescale in which they want to exit
    • Reconcile the gap, if any, between the vendor expectations and the valuation
  3. Undertake an audit of the key factors pertaining to a successful sale
    • Examine all factors within the business that will influence the sale of the company
    • Review the key drivers of the business under approximately 30 headings
  4. Produce an exit plan report
    • Report on the findings of the audit including areas to be addressed
    • Develop action plans to address areas of weakness or opportunities identified
  5. Agree exit plan and timescale
    • Agree the exit plan and timetable with the vendors/management and assign responsibilities
  6. Review process
    • Monthly telephone update, quarterly meetings
    • Annual reassessment of plan and determine actions for the following year

Please contact Ken Graham for more information

E:               T: 01491 577889