Management Buy Outs

The Management Buyout process is often complicated and usually involves a high level of risk for the management team. Pace Equity works with management teams to guide them through the Management Buyout process, including assisting with the negotiation and structuring of the deal, preparing the business plan and raising the required finance.

Typically a Management Buyout will follow these steps:

  • Agree the opportunity, formulate a clear strategic vision
  • Form a committed management team with an identifiable leader and a strategy to fill gaps
  • Commence negotiations with the vendor
  • Detailed planning; build robust business plan, develop financial models; assess risks and undertake valuation
  • Approach and raise the finance from appropriate sources of funding
  • Negotiate with the funders
  • Agree the structure of the deal
  • Due diligence, financial, legal, commercial etc
  • Prepare legal documentation
  • Complete the transaction

Pace Equity has extensive experience of Management Buyouts and is well connected to a range of debt and equity funding providers.

If you would like some further information regarding the Management Buyout process please contact Ken Graham.

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