Company Valuations

Our company valuation process goes further than simply applying standard valuation techniques to the numbers. We take great care to examine the business from a range of perspectives to give the shareholders an accurate guide to the likely sale price.

Our analysis will include a thorough examination of the following:

  • Profits – historic trends & future earnings
  • Trends – sales, GP, overheads, net profit, cashflow
  • Customers – gains/losses, percentage of sales, contractual, repeats, profile
  • External Factors – market sector, seasonality, cyclicality, opportunity
  • Management – staying/leaving, market reputation, age, track record, 2nd tier
  • Key events – acquisitions/divestments, good/bad years, changes of key staff, bankers, auditors, skeletons
  • Synergies – real, perceived

Experience tells us that different acquirers assess value in different ways. Our comprehensive company valuation process ensures that all possible views of value are considered.

For further information regarding corporate valuations please contact:

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Alternatively, have a read of our
valuation product sheet.

Case Studies:

Hair/Beauty Product

An international company which invented and licenses a hair/beauty product around the world approached Pace Equity to undertake a valuation of the licensed product, with a view to either the complete sale of the product or to assess the potential for expanding the licensing arrangements more extensively in the global market. Pace Equity undertook detailed research around the world, benchmarked valuations against competing products, reviewed pricing opportunities and positioning strategy and applied our own valuation model to produce a definitive valuation range for the owners, who were delighted with the outcome.

Leisure Sector

A substantial internationally focussed leisure sector business required a comprehensive valuation for Capital Gains Tax purposes. This project required extensive research into competitor markets and companies in the UK and around the world, as well as analysing their financial history and stock market performance in depth.