Cyber Security Market Report 2015

Cyber Security is continuing to generate alarming headlines. Almost every week the press announces a major new breach with millions of personal details lost and anxious people wondering if their information has been stolen and what their exposure might be. For many it means having to go through the pain of changing bank accounts, credit cars, store card details, passwords and a myriad of other time consuming processes and still not knowing when and if they might be impacted by the consequence.

For cyber security companies this is boom time as organisations, institutions, companies and individuals search for the ‘Holy Grail’ of being able to sleep at night knowing that their digital information is safe. This month we have decided to provide a short report on cyber statistics and information gathered from a wide range of sources around the world to summarise some of the most eye opening information on just how extensive the problem is and what it means to companies and individuals.

Take a look here>Pace Equity Cyber Security Market Trends 2015