Growing Technology Scene

Pace Equity’s involvement in the technology scene has continued to increase over the first half of 2015 and we would like to share a brief update of what’s been going on over the past few months.

Cyber Security

Firstly a quick update on the innovative cyber security platform. Fundraising continues positively, and Pace is very enthusiastic about this company and believes it is going to become a significant player in the cyber security market.

We have also seen an increasing number of technology companies seeking business development advice. For example we are currently advising a business that bridges the gap between cyber security and data analytics. The company primarily focuses on data collection and in depth analysis for large corporations, governments and charities, which work in some of the world’s trouble spots.

UAV Technology

Pace would like to highlight one company which is working on building cutting edge technology in a rapidly growing, highly technical and dynamic sector. This business has focussed on creating a next generation small engine technology with clear routes to market in the Forest & Garden (F&G) and Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) sectors.

The company is seeking funding of up to £1m in order to increase its staff and testing resources to enable it to complete its development programs in both target market areas.

If you would like an in depth information sheet on this company and its market position please contact, referencing ‘UAV company fundraising’.