Lending and Funding for UK Businesses

Pace Equity is actively working on fund raising for a range of MBOs and company funding rounds in the following sectors: Food Packaging, National Domestic Services, Technology and Robotics, Logistics Software, B2B Data Management, Financial Services Software, Office Equipment and Facilities Management.

The doom and gloom press seem focused on the “lack of lending” in the current UK market. What they seem to have forgotten is that business is about survival, growth and prosperity and that banks are also businesses, as are most other sources of lending and funding for UK business.

To say that raising funds for business in the current climate is easy would be naive in the extreme, but the fact is that banks and other funding institutions have to do business to survive. The trick is in thorough preparation of the case and in the innovation in the solutions.

At Pace Equity we are working actively with a wide range of funding sources – local banks, foreign banks, asset lenders, invoice discounters, mezzanine debt providers, private equity firms, business angels and private family funds to find solutions for business funding. And we are enjoying high levels of success. Do not believe the main stream press – funds are available for businesses, but the rules have changed and you need to adjust to meet the new order.